Jon Espy

Jon, founder and CEO, is dedicated to spreading the Gospel throughout the world while training rescue organizations and all their staff. Jon is a former marine who has trained in JuJitsu and Alkido since he was 10. He is now a certified police subject control instructor and has a Bachelor of Science and Religous Studies. 

Ron Crew

Ron Crew has served as Instructor/Coordinator for the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Academy since March 1999. Mr. Crew has developed training courses for First Line Supervisors, Field Training Officers, and Defensive Tactics programs for a variety of agencies, authoring the book “Police Subject Control©”.

He has worked in the law enforcement field since 1989 as Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator and Chief of Police. Mr. Crew has served 15 years with both the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in the Military Police Corps and Special Forces. Ron has studied Isshinryu Karate for over 31 years, holding the rank of 7th degree black belt. He has also studied Escrima & Arnis since 1985, and Aikido since 1992.


Matt Mcdonald

SWAT welcomes Douglas G. Kay as a new member to its Board of Directors. Doug passionately supports SWAT and will be an asset as a board member, bringing with him a wealth of experience and relationships with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations nationally and internationally.



Doug is currently the Senior Managing Member of New Providence Private Equity, LLC and is the founder and President of Blue Sky Marketing Int'l, Inc. He holds a BA in Political Science from California Polytechnic University. Doug has 25 years of business and banking experience, including marketing and fundraising. He has held several leadership roles in nonprofit organizations, including Director of Public Policy at Focus on the Family. He and his wife, Cathy, have four children and ten grandchildren.  

Chrissy Espy

Chrissy Espy, Cofounder and CFO, is a navy veteran, full-time mom, and certified police subject control instructor. She is passionate about training girls that have been rescued out of sex trafficking in self defense, raising awareness, and above all, spreading the Word throughout the world. 

Debbie Barron

Debbie Barron is a mother of three as well as a grandmother of three. God reached down and touched Debbie's heart at an early age, thus giving her many opportunities to serve Him. God instilled in her a great love and passion for missions, which she has been obedient to by ministering to many people she never imagined she would have ever had the opportunity to meet, let alone be a part of their lives.

 Through SWAT Ministries Debbie has been able to go to Thailand and minister directly to the Thai and Khon Hmong people. She was blessed with the opportunity to walk along the dirt roads and pray with and for these precious people. She looks forward to where God leads SWAT and where God leads Debbie with SWAT Ministries.

Rachel Couric

 Rachel Couric grew up as a Southern Baptist pastor’s daughter in Texas and relocated to Kansas with her family for her high school and college years. After a short-term mission trip to Thailand in 2005, she felt the Lord’s call on her life and the following year she stepped out in faith by moving to Chiang Rai, Thailand. Rachel spent six years teaching English language and literature at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai.

 During her time in Thailand, she volunteered with several different mission organizations and was certified in subject control through the Espy’s 40-hour women’s self-defense course. Her familiarity with aspects of Thai culture and language allow her to serve as an advisor/consultant on the board of S.W.A.T.