Chief Executive Officer:

                  Jon Espy

Jon, founder and CEO, is dedicated to spreading the Gospel throughout the world while training rescue organizations and all their staff. Jon is a former marine who has trained in JuJitsu and Alkido since he was 10. He is now a certified police subject control instructor and has a Bachelor of Science and Religous Studies. 

Director Of Marketing:

       Justin Tammelin

Justin Tammelin is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and former police officer who has worked uniform patrol, plain-clothes street crimes investigation, and hostage negotiation. He has is black belt in Shotokan ryu and Tae kwon do, and is certified in subject control systems through the Espy’s 40-hour course. Justin is currently working toward his

Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He assists the organization with business management, social media marketing, and business 

Chief Creative Director:

         Mario Melendez

Mario Melendez is a graphic designer, a Biblical Theology PhD student, and a Judo, AIkido and JuJitsu teacher, having practiced martial arts since the age of 9. Because his knowledge has saved his life in five street altercations he believes in teaching everyone the arts.

Executive Assistant:

        Rachel Couric

Rachel Couric spent six years teaching English language and literature in Thailand, where she volunteered with several mission organizations and was certified in subject control through the Espys' 40-hour women’s self-defense course. Her familiarity with Thai culture and language allow her to serve as an advisor/consultant on the board of S.W.A.T. She also

provides editing and proofreading services for all of S.W.A.T.'s official publications and website.

Chief Financial Officer:

            Chrissy Espy

Chrissy Espy, Cofounder and CFO, is a navy veteran, full-time mom, and certified police subject control instructor. She is passionate about training girls that have been rescued out of sex trafficking in self defense, raising awareness, and above all, spreading the Word throughout the world. 

SWAT Ministry Trainer:

            Robbie Brooks

After growing up in Lynchburg, VA and graduating from EC Glass High School in 1995 I served three years in the US Army as an enlisted military police officer.  I started my civilian law enforcement career in January 2000 with the Sweet Briar College police department in Amherst, VA. 

In November 2000 I graduated from the Cardinal Criminal Justice academy in Salem, VA.  I currently serve as a sheriff’s deputy with Nelson County, VA Sheriff’s Office where I have worked since October 2002.  While with the Sheriff’s Office I have served in a variety of 

positions such as patrol deputy, patrol supervisor, field operations commander, and investigator.  I also serve on the department’s special response tactical unit.  As investigator I served two tours as a narcotics investigator which included undercover work as well as extensive experience working with informants.  In my 15 years of law enforcement I have attended hundreds of hours of specialized training including over 200 hours of training specializing in narcotics. I have completed a 40 hour FBI instructor development course, 80 hour VA DCJS law enforcement defensive tactics instructor course, and am a certified Taser

instructor.  I reside in Amherst, VA with my wife Judy and two young children, Katelyn and Austin.  We currently attend Oasis church in Monroe where I am currently am enrolled in aministry apprenticeship.

SWAT Ministry Trainer:

                  Ron Crew

Ron Crew has served as Instructor/Coordinator for the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Academy since March 1999. He has developed training courses for First Line Supervisors and Field Training Officers, and Defensive Tactics programs for a variety of agencies, and authored the book “Police Subject Control”. He has worked in law enforcement since 1989 as a Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator

and Chief of Police. Mr. Crew has served 15 years with both the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in the Military Police Corps and Special Forces. He has studied Isshinryu Karate for over 31 years, holding the rank of 7th degree black belt. He has also studied Escrima & Arnis since 1985, and Aikido since 1992.

Administrative Assistant:              Kristin Decker

In 2014, Kristin felt a burden on her heart for those trapped in sex-trafficking.  In the midst of trying to find an organization to plug in with, God called her to Madison Heights, VA, where she connected with SWAT Ministry. With years of hotel and administrative experience, Kristin is excited to share her gift of behind-the-scenes support with S.W.A.T. Ministry.

SWAT Representatives: 

These following people have a passion for getting the word out about sex trafficking and the gospel. These faithful servants are available to come speak at your church or event.

Sandra Nash:

Jake & Ariel Hawley:


The ministry is excited for you to meet our new interns! This is the first year we are able to host interns and we could not be more excited! They will be assisting our operations in many ways such as helping with paperwork, training, traveling, mission teams, and teaching.

Brian Sigrest:

I was born in Montgomery, Alabama while my dad was in the air force. Shortly after, my family moved to New Orleans while my parents went to seminary. At age 5, we moved to the Philippines as missionaries with the IMB. I grew up in Cebu most of my life, minus a few visits to America for stateside assignment. 

After I graduated from high school I enrolled in Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. Because of finances I wasn't able to return, so I transferred to Liberty University where I am currently a student. About two weeks after moving to Liberty I felt like I was called into anti-sex trafficking work. Since then, I've gotten involved with anti-sex trafficking efforts around me. I was introduced to SWAT by a couple who had recently joined my church. The wife, Kristin, works for SWAT Ministry as the administrative assistant. The more I heard about SWAT, the more I wanted to help out. Fast forward a few months and here I am, in Chiang Rai as an intern for two months! 

Gabriel Silva:

info to come soon

Austin Clapper:

Austin was born and raised in Colorado on the rural northeastern plains. He is the firstborn of five children, three girls and two boys and he loves spending time with his family. If he is not with his family, he usually is out adventuring somewhere and trying to get lost in nature.

Austin is currently studying International Relations and strategic intelligence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He hopes to work in diplomatic security or on a US Marshall Fugitive task force team.

Erin Dusenberry:

info to come soon