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"He said to them,

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15

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With a number attached to her hip she feels as if that number defines her worth. A number that men can walk by and can chose her out of a group of girls. A number with a price attached to it. Not a name, not a face, not an identity, just simply a number.

SWAT Ministries wants her to know that she is
MORE THAN A NUMBER. We are building a foundation in Thailand to impact her future by showing her... worth in Jesus Christ. Rescuing, Restoring and Rebuilding her future. You can be a part of impacting future generations by donating.

We've created our own numbers, each representing a dollar amount. The sum of all of these numbers is the amount needed to continue the fight for these victims here in Thailand by getting our own foundation. These numbers below are more than just numbers. They too have a price and freedom comes with a cost.

The Thai Foundation allows us to be a registered foundation in Thailand. Although we are already a registered foundation in the USA, this is a requirement to buy land and own property here in Thailand. This is the first step in many to buying land to build a facility for offices, to conduct training, and to take in rescue girls/boys to give them a better future. 

What's your number?

Here's how it works:

Choose a button with a number that is significant to you. The number is also a dollar amount, or simply donate what the Lord lays on your heart. When you donate that amount, the button will be filled in. Help us build a Foundation by filling in all the buttons!

Step 1

Choose the amount you would like to donate (example: $14) 

Step 2

Click the button with the desire amount (example         )

Step 3

The link will bring you to Paypal where you can pay through Paypal or Debit/Credit/Check

Step 4

Submit payment and the button you chose will be blocked! (this may take awhile) 

Leave knowing that you are supporting freedom and you are appreciated!