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There are many ways to donate: 

Donate Financially: 

You can do so by Paypal, mail or direct deposit.


By Paypal:

You do not need an account in order to use paypal. Just click the "Donate" button below, enter your information and click send. There is even a box to check if you want to automatically donate every month.


By mail:

Send cash, checks or money orders to:

SWAT Ministry Intl

P.O. Box 382

Madison Heights, VA 24572


By direct deposit:

Contact SWAT Ministries at

Donate Frequent Flyer Miles:


Frequent Flyer miles from all airlines are in need!


To donate, go to the website of the airline and type in your account and password. Then type in our account and the amount of miles you would like to transfer.


To recieve our account number please contact us at



Donate Your Time:


We value your time, and there are many ways that you can be of service.  From becoming a certified SWAT Instructor and assisting in training to being a representative for speaking at engagements  to moving overseas and working on the front lines full time there are many ways you can assist SWAT in the fight against trafficking. For a list of a few ideas of how to get involved, visit our Get Involved Page




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