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Jewelry Made by the Rescued

When girls are rescued from trafficking, a whole series of rehabilitation begins. After many physical, emotional, and spiritual rehab periods, the girls begin to learn a trade. This teaches them hard work, management skills, and how to make a living on their own. Some of the trades are jewelry making, sewing, resturant managment, waitressing, and operating a hair salon. Here are a few samples of what we have in our shop; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands... Just seeing these items makes me tear up. Each bead has been handled by a child who has been through more than I can imagine. But because of organizations fighting for these children, they are able to hope again.

When you purchase from our Shop you are not only supporting SWAT Ministries, you are supporting the hands of a hopeful child rescued from slavery. Hopeful for new opportunities, hopeful for new relationships, and hopeful for a new life!

Please be sure to take a look at the items in our shop!

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