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Spreading Awareness

Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact is the definition of AWARENESS. In order for someone to feel the need to get involved in a cause, there must be some form of awareness. Education is the first step in joining the fight. That is why it is so important to continue telling people about the world-wide epidemic we are fighting, human trafficking.

In the beginning of March, SWAT operators began their travel across the United States to raise awareness about Human Trafficking/SWAT Ministries, gain support for our efforts, and form relationships so that we all can fight together.

The first stop, South Dakota. We had many opportunities to shed a light on slavery while in South Dakota. Mrs. Dalgrens class at Watertown High welcomed us in their classroom to share about the ministry and educate these young warriors about human trafficking!

Also, we had the chance to speak to local TV and Radio Stations! Take a look at this article about our time spent in the classroom!

Many came out to a Self Defense and Human Trafficking Prevention Seminar partnered with Fallout Shelter. We are so thankful for a group of people willing to come hear our story and participate in our training! Through SWAT Ministries and Fallout Shelter, women and children learn to defend themselves. Together we fight.

We also had the opportunity to hold a self defense training at EncounterLive!

This year during our Awareness Campaign through the US we are offering a Taste of Thai. Everyone enjoyed a Thai meal together while we shared about the ministry, creating a fun atmosphere for all! We had 5 Taste of Thai events in South Dakota! When women are rescued they begin learning a trade, one of those is making jewelry (there is a blog post about the jewelry)! We have handmade jewelry by suvivors of trafficking for sale at our events! Be sure to take a look in our online store!

Jonathan also led a service preaching at a local church. Our God is so good, he has blessed our ministry and we can not wait to see what else he has in store. He has provided many opportunities to share his love this week and for that we are so thankful.Thank you South Dakota for all kindness and support. We are excited to be able to work with such wonderful people around the world!

Our next stop, Kansas! Continue following our blog for updates on the Awareness Campaign through the US.

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We are the voice for the voiceless. Join us in shouting from the rooftops and rescuing the enslaved!

Until the whole World is Free.

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