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Meet Our Interns

The ministry is excited for you to meet our new interns! This is the first year we are able to host interns and we could not be more excited! They will be assisting our operations in many ways such as helping with paperwork, training, traveling, mission teams, and teaching.

Brian Sigrest:

I was born in Montgomery, Alabama while my dad was in the air force. Shortly after, my family moved to New Orleans while my parents went to seminary. At age 5, we moved to the Philippines as missionaries with the IMB. I grew up in Cebu most of my life, minus a few visits to America for stateside assignment. After I graduated from high school I enrolled in Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. Because of finances I wasn't able to return, so I transferred to Liberty University where I am currently a student. About two weeks after moving to Liberty I felt like I was called into anti-sex trafficking work. Since then, I've gotten involved with anti-sex trafficking efforts around me. I was introduced to SWAT by a couple who had recently joined my church. The wife, Kristin, works for SWAT Ministry as the administrative assistant. The more I heard about SWAT, the more I wanted to help out. Fast forward a few months and here I am, in Chiang Rai as an intern for two months!

Austin Clapper:

Austin was born and raised in Colorado on the rural northeastern plains. He is the firstborn of five children, three girls and two boys and he loves spending time with his family. If he is not with his family, he usually is out adventuring somewhere and trying to get lost in nature. Austin is currently studying International Relations and strategic intelligence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He hopes to work in diplomatic security or on a US Marshall Fugitive task force team.

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