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Bangkok's Red Light District

I’m having a hard time putting into words what I have seen and heard these past few days, let alone describe my emotions. Most people know by now that sex trafficking exists but if you haven’t actually seen it then it is hard to describe, not even videos or pictures can effectively portray the scene. Neon lights flashing everywhere, bars side by side for what seemed like forever, upstairs downstairs and all around you. Women standing every few feet in all directions.

The girls were all wearing skimpy clothing, if any, and matching together as if branded by the bar they come from. You could see the girls who had already been purchased for the evening sitting with their John’s entertaining and weighting on their every desire.

I have been around many bars in my life, prior to having a relationship with Christ. But these bars were different. When I saw all of these young women barely dressed and coaxing anyone and everyone who passes by to come to them in hopes of being purchased for the evening, I got sick. I tried to blend in and smile, but utter disgust and complete sadness overwhelmed me and I knew my face showed it.

I feel for these young girls how they are blind to the fact that God has made them in His image and that they are so precious and that their worth is not measured in dollars or by men. I also felt for the Jon’s. Yes, I was outraged and angry towards these men, but I cannot expect anything else from anyone who does not have Christ in their lives. And so I felt bad for them too.

It was difficult to see the numbers on each one of the girls, as if they were cattle. Each waiting in hopes of a stranger to come in and order their number for the night from the menu. I kept asking myself how? How did it get to this point where we allow this to happen? How did it become the norm where hundreds of bars with girls lined up for miles to be sold?

So badly I just wanted to allow my anger to take over and destroy all of this. The depravity was so massive and the weight was so heavy. I felt so helpless, especially just one person. I must remember it’s not what I can do, it’s what He can do thru us.

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