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SWAT Ministries, what we do.

Every 26 seconds a child is sold into slavery. This is reality for so many. Rescuing these girls and showing them the love of Christ is one of our desires. However, this would be impossible without willing men and women dedicating their lives as rescuers. That is why it is so important for them to be well trained, so they can do their job efficiently and effectively as possible. The need for training is where SWAT Ministries step in. So here we are, traveling internationally, and here is what we do.

There are many rescue organizations throughout the world. We partner with them providing these services:

1. We train rescuers in self defense so that they can protect themselves and the children they are rescuing.

2. We train security staff that protects the safe houses and children homes.

3. We provide source building: helping create and verify better sources for their undercover investigations

4. We teach surveillance and counter surveillance tactics. These children are property, so when one disappears the owners begin looking for them, trying to find out where they are taken to. Therefore, the workers have to be aware of how to stop the owners from finding the safe houses.

5. We train house parents of the children homes in non-violent aggression neutralization. Because of the abuse and neglect, the children can be aggressive toward the house parents and workers, not understanding structure in a home.

6. We train rescued girls in self defense. This gives them a sense of protection and self confidence that has been torn away from them. They can stand a little taller.

So basically we are a one stop shop for the rescuers security needs. We are so thankful for the willingness of rescuers risking their lives to save another, we want them to feel as equip and confident in any situation that arises during a rescue. We will continue fighting the good fight. Training rescuers, staff, house parents, and the rescued is such an honor for us.

SWAT Ministries

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