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Partnering with SWAT Testimony

Partnering with SWAT Ministries can change your life. I, Ariel Hawley, am proof of that. As a result from participating in a mission trip through SWAT I am now a Field Representative for SWAT, blog contributor, and founder of the Be Free Proclamation online store/blog.

(50% of all profits purchased in our online shop go to support SWAT.)

My church, Elmo Baptist Church in Southwest MS, partnered with SWAT and went on a mission trip to Thailand in 2013. During that time, we had the opportunity to train girls in self defense who had been rescued from trafficking. At that moment I experienced scripture coming to life right in front of me. I wrote about my experience on the Be Free Proclamation blog. Here is a excerpt from that post:

"I sat there watching the girls laugh while training and it brought tears to my eyes. I could only image what they had been through at such a young age but yet now they can laugh without fear of the future; at that moment I experienced the scripture, Proverbs 31:25! "

You can read HERE how working with SWAT Ministries changed my life and also led me to finding my passion to join the fight in ending slavery.

Consider partnering with SWAT. There are many opportunities that you can GET INVOLVED.

Contact us for more information and ways you can get involved!

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